About us

We at HTP are passionate about telling stories in multimedia production as film, video, industrial & corporate films or online.
We believe great content comes from ideas, stories, art, people whether in the form of a film, video, a social medias, or info-graphics.
One of our biggest strengths is turning complex ideas or challenges into understandable content. We listen for details and make decisions based on each client’s unique story and needs.
HTP is an extremely flexible, independent company - backed by professionals from the film industry, museums, universities and cultural institutions - with an extensive experience in audiovisuals, film & documentaries aimed at spreading the knowledge of art and history thanks to aimed iconographic researches. HTP has access to an vast archive of its own.
HTP is a Multimedia Content Producer and our skills include:

• Documentaries & Docufiction;
• Film, from shorts and corporate to full-length Motion Pictures;
• Develop and deliver strategy for Multimedia content, Corporate or Tutorials;
• Production of Raw and edited video & photo content;
• Repackage and edit video content;
• Research and archive video and still photography material;
• Colorization of B&W historical footage;
• Film and edit online videos for digital platforms;
• Edit and script multimedia feature stories in a variety of formats, including Entertaining, Tutorials & Informative videos and Audiovisuals;
• Info-graphics and other “rich-media” content to enhance the effectiveness of video content;
• Still Photography;

Competent understanding of all the facets of on-line video production from shooting, sound and video editing. Excellent technical skills, including experience with industry standard editing software, including but not limited to Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro tools, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Suite (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Dreamweaver), Autodesk 3DS MAX, Assemblad, Pyton, Ruby, Java and more.

In Progress

Undisclosed Italian Art

For us “Undisclosed Italian Art - Recondita Mirabilia” is the result of research, patience, physical effort and the team’s joint high-profile skills required to reach this goal. Shot entirely in Italy, exploring the unique Italian historical and artistic scene, endorsed by local Ministries and Institutions, introduced by renowned art specialists, the TV series is tailored for both Anglo-Saxon and Continental European audiences.

Iron & Fire

A Docufilm based on a great Industrial and social documentary directed by Ceccarius And Fontana in 1926: “Col Ferro e col Fuoco”. This documentary is going to be colorized by our staff and will be a foundamental part of the docufilm. Iron & Fire drive us into the old steel plant of the Elba Island, in a Etruscan scenario and feeling. Orso Bugiani, nephew of Ceccarius comes back to those years when inside the story of each worker there was no boundary between steel works and day life.

Cesar in My Life

In Roman civilization, the forum was the official meeting place of the citizens of all the territories
of the Republic and then the Empire: Roman Forum, witness to extraordinary historical events, during is two millennium life, was restored only twice, one during fascist period and one in 1998. Second operation was made “destroying” all the layers between present and roman level
in Foro di Cesare. Based on original and ever published footage, the first one completely restored and colorized, this docufilm tells the story of a young restorer who comes back to the place
of her first experiences both, life and work.

Curious Games

Scientific simulation as a game: try and learn by actions, discover and imagine pursuing your own goals. Production of such an hybrid program, based both on TV and web is a very interesting experience, always in progress, made in collaboration with important actors in scientific research, like CNR. Curious Games, followed on TV and played online transform pure entertainment in opportunity of knowledge, a new tool devoted to new attitudes and competencies of a young audience.

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Human Touch Production

Via G. Mirri, 17
00159 - Rome, Italy

Viale di Trastevere, 141
00153 - Rome, Italy


Founder & Creative Director

Marco Kuveiller
award winning director and DoP with over 30 years experience with Arcoscenico, RAI, Sky and more.

Managing Director

Jacques Lipkau Goyard
award winnnig producer/writer. Former WMA talent agent, Studio consultant, Film Commissioner and more.

Executive producer

Emanuela Parisi
Production executive and assistant director